June 29, 2015

Why Playing Make-Believe With Your Child Will Strengthen Their Development…

Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, and experts in modern society have tended to agree that unstructured, child led and imaginative play is vital for normal social, emotional and cognitive development in children.

Children naturally want to role-play, and alongside this comes imaginative play. They can be whoever they want to be, and express themselves however they like, whilst playing in this beautiful, safe world of imagination.

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June 27, 2015


Celebrating as your baby achieves her milestones is one of the most exciting aspects of parenthood, as you observe your baby learning new things and achieving greater independence on their own. However, sometimes even when things are cruising along smoothly for a period of time, they can then come crashing to an abrupt halt, or even more alarming, things can start to slip backwards! This is called a regression and they’re very common, so there’s no need to worry just yet.

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June 26, 2015

Socializing Your Child…

As a parent, you are your child’s first playmate. Through interaction with their parents, children first learn how to respond and connect with other people. A newborn quickly learns to recognize the voice and touch of her parents. Over time, this same child will learn how to interact with those around her. With your help, your baby will also become familiar with others and will come to enjoy their company as well as yours.


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June 25, 2015

Quick Tips on Child Proofing Your Home

Once your baby is up and about, crawling or even cruising (holding onto) furniture, it’s time to think about baby-proofing your house. Your little one will start to express an adventurous streak, as well as developing their independence, and you may find yourself with your hands full having to observe his/her every move!


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June 23, 2015

Natural Remedies for a Constipated Baby

Whilst it’s not the most elegant or romantic topic for discussion, there’ll no doubt come a time when you wish you knew a little more about the topic of constipation in babies. This will especially be the case when it comes to your firstborn child, as you’ll be an old hand by the time it comes to your second!


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June 20, 2015

How Drawing Assists Children to Develop

As parents, it’s simply incredible to watch our children grow and develop right before our eyes. The pace at which they do so differs from child to child, but they all follow a universal pattern of development which consists of various milestones along the way.

Children use drawing as a way to express what they’re thinking and feeling, and this is particularly the case for our little ones who can’t yet speak. So, what are some ways that drawing can assist children’s development?


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June 14, 2015

Babies, Medicine, and the Common Cold

Babies, particularly newborns, often contract the common cold but should this be something to worry about? In short, the answer is no! If you’re worried, of course it’s advisable to make an appointment with your local doctor, however unless your baby has a fever or severe symptoms there may be more you can do at home to ease the symptoms. Babies immune systems are still developing and they strengthen as they’re exposed to germs and illnesses in all their glorious forms.

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April 13, 2015

Whooping Cough ›  

Whooping Cough – What Is It and How Can It Be Treated?

You may’ve heard lately that the number of instances of Whooping Cough is on the rise, particularly in babies and children. But unless you’ve ever been into contact with it you understandably may not even know what it is. Let’s take a look at how the symptoms might present themselves, and how they can be treated.


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Why Buy Organic?

There are many positive health reasons for opting to use organic products, and even more so, when it comes to choosing products for your beautiful little baby (or babies, as the case may be!). ‘Organic’ refers to the way ingredients in a product have been grown and handled, and the term also means the product is guaranteed to be as pure and natural as possible. Therefore, organic products are the most healthy, nutritious and safe ones available to select for yourself and your family.

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March 02, 2015

organic baby food ›  

Why You Should Consider Organic Baby Food for Your Baby

Organic food is becoming a popular alternative for those seeking to live healthier lifestyles. With the current preponderance of and backlash against genetically modified food, also known as GMOs, companies are capitalizing on the consumer desire to purchase organic and all-natural products.

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