Buy-Trade-Sell Cloth Diapers 101

Cloth diapering has seen a rise in popularity the last several years, and it's not hard to understand why. Many parents of new babies find that cloth diapers are far more affordable, better for a baby’s sensitive skin, and much more eco-friendly than their disposable counterparts.

Buying Cloth Diapers

Despite their popularity, however, you generally won’t find cloth diapers at the corner market, and there aren’t many local discount stores that carry a decent selection, if at all. And although you’ll have more luck if you can manage to find a baby specialty shop nearby, the best option by far is purchasing from an online retailer like us, as we have a very wide selection of cloth diapers in many styles. We also carry diaper covers and other essential accessories to help make your cloth diapering as easy and efficient as possible.

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Selling Cloth Diapers

An often-ignored benefit of going the cloth diaper route is that you can actually sell them if necessary, and get back a decent chunk of the money you spent. For example, if you purchased way more diapers than you actually need, have a little one who is ready to potty train, or the diapers you did purchase don’t fit well, there are a few options available for selling your extras.

If you’re looking to sell your cloth diapers locally, you‘ll probably have to locate a nearby consignment shop or try finding nearby buyers on a site like Craigslist. If those methods prove unsuccessful, you can always invoke the power of social media and check to see if there is a local cloth diapering Facebook group in your area, as there are many out there.

If you go the online route, however, prepare to be inundated by the plethora of options. Here you’ll find retailers that specialize in buying, selling, and trading gently used cloth diapers, along with classified ad websites that don’t sell cloth diapers themselves, but instead helps bring buyers, sellers, and traders together. Two of the more popular cloth diaper websites are and

Trading Cloth Diapers

You might have cloth diapers that don’t fit your little one as snug as you’d prefer, don’t have the features you want, or you may have too many diapers and not enough covers and accessories, or vice versa.

The good news is that the same online retailers and websites that buy and sell cloth diapers will also facilitate trades, either to other cloth diaper users or back to the store for store credit. Trade your gently used cloth diapers at leading “BST” sites like and

One last tip: To make your buying, selling, and trading experience as stress-free as possible, always follow two simple rules:

  1. First, when selling or trading, be honest! Always be clear about the conditions of the cloth diapers you’re selling or trading. In fact, you should take pictures and upload them to the ad to ensure transparency.
  2. Lastly, learn the lingo! The cloth diaper market employs a ton of acronyms, such as VGUC (very gently used condition) and AIO (all-in-one), and you’ll need to be well-versed in the most common ones to communicate effectively with the multitude of buyers and sellers you’ll encounter.

For more information on buying, selling or trading cloth diapers, contact at 855-797-BABY.