Organic Baby Wipes

In order to ensure a baby’s health, parents should choose organic, natural and eco-friendly products whenever possible. This doesn’t just apply to food and water, as bath, personal care products and even baby wipes can contain harmful additives and chemicals. Many people have not thought about it before, but the chemicals in baby wipes can actually be detrimental to a baby’s health in more ways than one.

The actual wipes themselves are created by melting plastic pellets together. That means that there are harmful chemicals present in the wipes, even before an artificial solution is added to them. Cloth wipes would be a more eco-friendly choice, since they produce fewer emissions during the production process.

A few of the chemicals that are sometimes used to make baby wipes include a preservative known as mythylisothiazolinone, which has been found to cause an allergic reaction in children. As a result, children may experience swelling, blistering or cracking whenever their skin comes into contact with it.

Some wipes also contain a chemical called ethylene glycol monobutyl. This ingredient is known to cause eye irritation in addition to affecting the central nervous system, kidneys liver and lymph nodes.

Organic baby wipes contain natural ingredients such as tea tree or lavender oils, which help to soothe the skin while also making cleanup a breeze. To prevent diaper rash, you could also choose wipes that have a bit of aloe vera in them as well. If you’re concerned about odor, wipes with a bit of vanilla in them will provide a pleasant aroma without adding harmful chemicals to the solution.

Choosing natural baby wipes is a good idea for a lot of reasons. Parents of infants should consider using them rather than commercial brands, as doing so is one way to ensure a child has a good chance of developing great health.

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