The Importance of Clean Baby Toys

It’s important to keep your child's world clean to help avoid catching diseases, especially if they are sharing toys with other children. When cleaning your child’s toys, look to green and environmentally friendly cleaning products to reduce the risk of your child being exposed to toxins which can have an adverse effect on their health.

Watch Your Plastics

Plastic is everywhere in our society. It is inescapable, and refusing to use it altogether can deprive your child of a lot of fun in play. When you are looking for pacifiers and teething toys, look for plastics that are BPA-free. This will ensure that you are protecting your kids against major health hazards.

Fortunately, BPA is rarely found in toys, but it never hurts to use best practices. When you look at recycling codes on plastics, look for a “7.” This code indicates the possible presence of BPA.

Lead and Phthalates

About two years ago, a law was passed called the The Consumer Product-Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) which set serious limits on lead and PVC chemicals in children’s toys. However, if you do a lot of thrift store, hand-me-down or yard sale shopping, beware of older toys.

Green Clean

When your children are done playing with their toys, it’s a good idea to give them a cleaning. You don’t necessarily have to do this daily, but it should be done frequently and on a regular basis.

Cleaning your child’s toys (and keeping a clean home in general) can help to avoid their exposure to germs that can cause illness. This is particularly important after a play date with other kids, or if you work in a child care facility.

Be very careful of “traditional” cleaning methods. Once upon a time it was thought to be a good idea to douse them in a bleach solution to sanitize toys from germs. Nowadays we know that chemicals can leach into toys and end up causing harm to children via exposure. When you prepare your toy-cleaning plan, look for environmentally friendly and green cleaners which are safe for the environment.

Non-Toxic Is Not Green

Understand that non-toxic does not mean green. Non-toxic chemicals won’t cause immediate or direct harm from exposure through the skin, through swallowing or inhalation. It doesn’t mean that the product is good for the planet.

Look for products that are certified by groups such as Green Seal or other third-party groups. This will ensure that not only are you protecting your kids, you’re protecting the environment as well. Or better yet, make your own products from lemons, vinegar and baking soda. This way you know exactly what’s in them!

Keeping your child’s toys clean is important to a healthy and happy kid, but be sure you’re using the best practices in choosing the right materials and being environmentally friendly.

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