10 Essential Items to Pack When Traveling With Your Baby

Whether you’ve just welcomed a little one to the family or you’ve got a bright-eyed and bouncy 1 year old, say goodbye to the days of traveling light! Especially around the holidays when you’re busy with shopping and visiting, traveling with a baby is basically unavoidable. And babies need a lot of stuff as we're about to detail.

Even so, traveling with a little one can still be managed quite well, as long as you’ve packed all the proper baby items and essentials. Here’s the Smile2Baby.com list of 10 must-haves whenever you decide to hit the road with a baby in tow, courtesy of moms and dads everywhere:

  1. Diapers – This one is a no-brainer. A good rule of thumb is to pack one diaper for every hour you plan to be away from home, especially if you’re traveling with a newborn.
  2. Wipes – From wiping down soiled bottoms to wiping up cheeks covered in vegetable puree, wipes are practically indispensable when you’re on the road with a young baby. A standard-sized pack should last you a few days.
  3. Changes of clothes – It’s practically a given that baby is going to need several outfits per day. From messy feedings to diaper accidents to afternoon baths, you may have to change your baby up to five times a day. Be sure that you pack clothes that are easy to change in and out of, which makes it easier if you have to swap outfits in a car or on a plane.
  4. Bibs – Babies of all ages feed a lot, and bibs are essential if you don’t want to constantly ruin cute baby outfits and have to change every couple of hours. Be sure to pack at least one or two plastic ones, so you can simply wipe them down and use them again without washing.
  5. Extra pacifiers – It’s simply a matter of time before baby spits out or throws their pacifier, so you’ll definitely want to have some extra ones on hand when you’re trying to calm an agitated infant.
  6. Diaper cream – As babies constantly soil their diapers, diaper cream can keep nasty rashes at bay when travel circumstances won’t allow you to change baby as often as normal.
  7. Extra bottles and Sippy cups – For when you don’t have ready access to a sink to rinse out and sanitize used ones, extra nipples, bottles, and cups can save you in a pinch.
  8. Formula – A hungry baby on the road will make everyone miserable, so be sure to have extra formula on hand when she needs a quick snack to tide her over until you reach your destination.
  9. Toys – Whether it’s a squeeze ball, light up trinket, or plastic rings, don’t forget to bring little toys to keep your baby busy (for short stretches anyway) on a train, plane or car ride.
  10. Socks – Especially if your baby is not yet wearing hard bottom shoes, socks and footies will keep her feet warm and snug if you find yourself outdoors while traveling.


Of course, this is not the entire list, as there are dozens of baby items unique to your baby that you may decide are needed while traveling. But the basics are covered here, and as long as you plan ahead and err on the side of bringing too much instead of too little, your travels with your baby have a great chance of being smooth and drama-free.

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