Why Use Cloth Diapers?

Cloth diapers have evolved considerably in the last decade or so, and are much more popular as a result. And although many parents still envision the classic thick, square handkerchief held together with safety pins, cloth diapers of today are nothing of the sort. In fact, they’re more absorbent than they’ve ever been, easier to use and care for, and come in a variety of attractive prints and designs.

So why should you switch to cloth diapers, especially if you’ve used disposables for years? Let us count the ways:

Reasons to Switch to Cloth Diapers

  • Convenience – Conventional wisdom suggests disposable diapers would be a more convenient option, but not by much. Cloth diapers made today now feature elastic in the leg and back areas, which are prized for their ability to trap waste and prevent leakage in disposables. Also, no more safety pins! Easy-to-use loops, hooks, and snaps are used today, making for just as tight a seal as disposables.
  • Price – Disposables may be convenient in some regards, but you pay a hefty price for that convenience. From birth until potty training is complete, a parent will spend, on average, $3500 for just diapers alone. And that’s for a single child. Compare and contrast that figure with a tidy $400-$500 on reusable cloth diapers during the same time frame. Sure, you’ll spend a little extra on detergent for the additional laundering, but the total cost benefit far outweighs what you pay for disposables.
  • Health – Dioxin, a cancer-causing byproduct of the manufacturing process, is found in many disposable diapers. This in addition to the dyes and gels that many disposable diapers contain, which the medical evidence strongly suggest contributes to rashes and skin irritation in babies. Cloth diapers contain none of these harsh chemicals, and are laundered (mostly in hot water) after each use.
  • Stylish – Cloth diapers are simply cute! They now come in many stylish prints, luxurious textures, soft fabrics, and gorgeous colors. What’s really cute about a disposable?
  • Earth Friendly – Simply put, the whole idea of a “disposable” diaper is a happy myth. In the U.S. alone, around 18 BILLION disposable diapers are consumed, with a whopping 92% ending up in our already overflowing landfills. And since it takes about FIVE centuries for the materials that comprise a disposable diaper to biodegrade, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

These are just a few of the many reasons why it may be time for a permanent switch to disposables. The pros of today’s cloth diapers are so numerous, that instead of the question being “Why use cloth diapers,” shouldn’t it be, “Why use disposables?”

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