Benefits of Establishing a Bedtime Routine

When bringing home your precious bundle of joy for the very first time, it’s safe to say, for most parents, life becomes very challenging! Over the first months of your baby’s life, you’ll spend so much time together, and your squishy bundle will take on her own personality, and have her own nuances and preferences, right from day one. As days roll into weeks, and weeks become months, you’ll both start to settle into a loose daily routine of sorts, whether you realise it or not.

Much research has been undertaken on the subject of establishing routines for babies. Some parents follow a precise daily plan, ensuring everything takes place at a scheduled time. Whilst some parents don’t knowingly follow a routine at all. So, which approach then, is best for your child?

We understand that only you know how to be the best parent for your baby, because they’re all unique, and each and every one of them has differing requirements and preferences about how they like to be cared for. We’d like to share with you some evidence that’s been developed about the benefits of establishing a bedtime routine for your baby.

Humans are creatures of habit. As human beings, we’re at our most comfortable when we know what comes next. No surprises, as they say! Your baby will become more relaxed, and more trusting in you, when they learn they can depend on you to provide stability for them. Therefore, by creating a routine for bedtime from an early age (e.g. 6-8 weeks), that follows a similar pattern each time you put your baby to bed, will reassure your little one that you respect their need for regularity and consistency.

Many parents develop a bedtime routine that consists of such elements as a gentle warm bath, a baby body massage, a bedtime story and singing nursery rhymes. Consider such things as the timing of when you start and finish the routine each day. Does it seem to suit the body clock of your little one?

Your baby may need opportunity at the end of each day to let off some excess energy. Perhaps a period of nappy free time, or some dancing with you around the living room! You’ll soon learn what works best. Follow this with some quiet time, like a soak in a warm bath. If you’re after some products to help create a relaxing bath time, we encourage you to try our Earth Mama-Angel Baby Bath Blossoms or Aleva sleep easy Baby Wash.

When traveling, it’s important to follow a similar sequence of events as you would at home. This reinforces that you value your baby’s need for consistency, and will also promote relaxed sleeping in unfamiliar environments.

A bedtime ritual is also good for parents, as it’s special time you can spend together with your child, just one-on-one. It’s the perfect opportunity to nurture them, give them as many cuddles as you can, and you can also knowingly plan ahead for this time.

Try to complete as much of your baby’s bedtime routine in the bedroom as possible. This encourages your bay to have positive association with this room. That it’s one of happy, restful times, and not just one where mommy pops her to bed and runs away!

We hope that we’ve helped to share with you some of the ways you can create a beautiful bedtime routine for your baby. One that will result in a more relaxed and peaceful bedtime event for the entire family.

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