Why Buy Organic?

There are many positive health reasons for opting to use organic products, and even more so, when it comes to choosing products for your beautiful little baby (or babies, as the case may be!). ‘Organic’ refers to the way ingredients in a product have been grown and handled, and the term also means the product is guaranteed to be as pure and natural as possible. Therefore, organic products are the most healthy, nutritious and safe ones available to select for yourself and your family.

You may have noticed that organic products can be more expensive than their artificial or chemically grown counterparts. Why is this? Well, take a look at the way the food or product has been prepared, and the way ingredients have been grown. Growing wholesome ingredients that are free from nasty’s like fungicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers and the like, is more expensive and more involved for farmers, and so the cost of the product can often be greater than that of conventional non-organic products. Read on, however, to learn how the health benefits of organic products far surpass the additional monetary cost.

Some may say, “These products (referring to conventional ones) were used on me and I’ve turned out okay”, but the facts available to us today are showing that unfortunately we aren’t okay. One child is diagnosed with cancer every forty minutes around the globe, and this rate is increasing as time goes on. Latest research predicts that one out of every two men, and one out of three women will get cancer in their lifetimes, and scientists are now attributing the onset of cancer to the accumulation of toxins and chemicals in our body. More children than ever before are facing autism, ADHD, allergies, and a variety of other bodily afflictions and scientists are just starting to learn more about the reasons behind this.

Sometimes companies are so good at creatively marketing their products, that it can be difficult to tell whether a product is organic or not. On the other hand, many parents aren’t aware that many conventional baby products contain harmful chemicals.

Products that we use on our skin contain ingredients that ultimately end up in our blood stream. Over time, these can store themselves in our fatty tissue and organs, which can lead to heavy metal or toxic chemical poisoning. The skin of a baby is far more ascorbic than that of an adult, which means that chemical exposure for a baby is far greater than that of an adult. Scientists have determined that carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals) are on average 10 times more potent for babies than adults, whilst some chemicals are up to 65 times more potent. Therefore, because we now have greater insight into scientific research and more access to factual statistics than ever before, it’s time to time for us to take action.

As well as other important factors, we can now see that the health and longevity of life for both ourselves and our children can be linked to the amount of chemicals and damaging toxins in our bodies. We are now in the amazing position where we have an opportunity to provide the best health possible for our children, and as parents we’re tasked with the important job of making decisions on their behalf. So with all this information at hand, let’s make organic selections where we can, and give our little ones a fantastic and healthful start to life. There’s very little in this world that can be more rewarding than that!