Natural Remedies for a Constipated Baby

Whilst it’s not the most elegant or romantic topic for discussion, there’ll no doubt come a time when you wish you knew a little more about the topic of constipation in babies. This will especially be the case when it comes to your firstborn child, as you’ll be an old hand by the time it comes to your second!

It can be heartbreaking to watch your little one struggle with a belly ache of any kind, and you may feel like there’s nothing you can do to help. Symptoms of a constipated baby are redness in the face, puffing, emission of a ‘pushing’ sound, passing wind, a hard tummy and in more serious cases it’s not uncommon for a baby to cry with discomfort.

It’s important to remember that all babies are different, so whilst one may have three bowel movements per day, others may have only one every couple of days. As they grow, things will also change. E.g. when your baby is introduced to solid foods she may either become a lot more regular, or, in some cases, may experience increased difficulty in passing motions.

Here are some natural tips on how to relieve constipation in your baby:

  • Drink more water (if breastfeeding)
  • Bath your baby in a warm bath and place a cup of fennel tea into the water
  • Ask your health practitioner for a baby pro-biotic to help rebalance an upset tummy
  • Lay your baby on her back, and gently bicycle her legs in the air
  • Massage her tummy in a clockwise direction around her belly button at every change, using just enough pressure to make a very soft indentation in the skin on her tummy

By practicing some of these measures above on a regular basis, you can help alleviate potential constipation and even perhaps prevent it before it has an opportunity to upset your baby.