Celebrate with a Baby Shower!

You’ve been glowing the whole way through your pregnancy *cough cough* (well we hope this has been the case but we know it may not be exactly true!) and now comes the time to celebrate your impending birth. Spend some precious time with your friends and enjoy your last few weeks of ‘me- time’, where you can relax and cherish time with friends before the arrival of your beautiful newborn baby.

So for a first time mum what does a baby shower involve?! It’s a designated event usually arranged by a close friend, as a designated time to celebrate all things baby! For the expectant mum it’s a time to relax and have fun with her nearest and dearest, usually female, friends and family. There’s often a cake, a few fun (or sometimes suitably tacky!) party games thrown into the mix and possibly also a sharing of ‘birth’ stories that may or may not sound scary to the mother-to-be! Saving the best for last, one of the biggest highlights is the exchanging of baby-related gifts.

When it comes to the gifts as an expectant mother, you’ll likely find this very helpful. Not only from a financial perspective, but even more so as other thoughtful and experienced mommies will often gift the type of gifts they found most useful when they were a new mom. These will really come in handy once your baby arrives!

If you’ve been invited to a baby shower and are in need of some gift ideas, we invite you to take a peek at the gorgeous range available on our website. All of our products are offered in confidence and we vouch that all new mommies will enjoy the quality, durability and most of all natural elements in each of our beautiful products.

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