10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Baby’s First Christmas

  1. Create a holiday-themed scrapbook – Take a regular scrapbook, and make it all about your baby. Design the cover with the baby’s name written in glitter, or attach a cute pic of your little one on the front. Inside, fill it with pictures of touching moments, like your baby in a Christmas outfit, or posing with Santa. Be sure to write a loving holiday-themed message to your baby on the inside cover that they can read when they get older.
  2. Make a custom ornament – This can either be a standard globe ornament with the baby’s name on it, or a custom ornament containing the child’s picture. A small picture frame with your Baby’s profile pic works as well. By creating a new picture ornament like this every year, it’ll be like having a Christmas-themed photo history of your baby every holiday.
  3. Take a baby sock and fashion it into a stocking – A cute baby sock with your little one’s name on it, hanging on the tree or the fireplace mantle would be beyond adorable. Don’t forget to write down details of the baby’s first Christmas right on the stocking.
  4. Pen a special letter – Sit down, grab a pen and some quality paper, and write a letter to your child telling her that she is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received. Later, it’ll truly be a special Christmas when your baby is old enough to read it with you when the holidays roll around again.
  5. Store and save your baby’s first Christmas outfit – Deck your baby out in the cutest green and red Christmas getup, snap plenty of pics, then carefully store her outfit when the holiday is over. When you feel like reminiscing, you can pull out the outfit and recall that first special Christmas.
  6. Buy or make a special Christmas blanket – You can even have the blanket embroidered with your baby’s name, Christmas-themed colors, and cute designs. Your child will most likely love it, and cling to it for years.
  7. Take you Baby to see Santa – There’s no telling whether your baby will get a kick out of jolly ole Santa, or scream their head off, but it should be a great moment to capture on film nonetheless!
  8. Create a video – Have the whole family mug for the camera, and tell your baby what he or she means to everyone on this most sacred of holidays. Then get your baby some camera time! Tape your baby's gazing at the Christmas tree lights, or tearing wrapping paper to shreds while the rest of the family howls in laughter.
  9. Buy a special Christmas toy – Stuffed bears and furry critters are always a big hit with babies on the Christmas holiday. Get one as a toy, or a keepsake to commemorate the occasion.
  10. Craft a custom Christmas card – Have a photo of the family (with your baby at the center) embossed on a Christmas card, and send them out to all your friends and family. And be sure to save a few copies for Baby’s Christmas scrapbook.

Christmas is truly a cherished holiday, and with a new addition to the family, it becomes even more of an occasion to celebrate. You can borrow from these fun ideas, or create your very own holiday traditions to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas in a way that creates special and lasting memories for the whole family.

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