Why No Two Babies Are Identical

So you’ve successfully raised your gorgeous toddler (no bias, of course!), and so far so good, right?! You feel like you were positively glowing the entire way throughout your pregnancy, and that you’ve somewhat mastered the art of caring for a newborn fairly adeptly. Well, if you’re now considering having another child, may we let you know, that no two babies are ever the same. Neither in fact, are two pregnancies, two births or two actual children! Genetic combinations just never occur identically. That’s right, even twins have different genes, albeit more similar than those of other babies.

So now you’re in for a treat. Number two will be a whole new learning curve! There’ll be similarities along the way of course, such as the natural order of things (even this may get jumbled around a bit, depending on the health of yourself and your baby along the way). Just be aware that even if you swanned your way through your first pregnancy, this may not be the case for your second and subsequent (or vice versa!).

This is also the case if you have a(n annoying!) friend, who is always comparing her baby to yours, or vice verca. It may be worth gently reminding her that in fact no two babies are the same, and therefore they each have differing needs and respond differently to circumstances. It’s a factual conversation that she can’t argue with!

Another great thing about having another child, is that you’ll already have plenty of first-hand experience about the actual order of events. You’ll know roughly when you’ll need to go in for scans and tests, and will have a practical understanding of what’s involved with these. This in itself if a beautiful thing! You’ll also be privy to having opportunity to think ahead a little more, for example, will you or won’t you wish to find out the gender of this baby? And most importantly, you’ll have a superb understanding of what giving birth actually means! That said, even your birthing experience will be different this time around.

After welcoming your second bundle of giggles and cuddles into the world, you’ll soon understand what it means when we say that babies are all very different. They each have little personalities, right from day 1, which become apparent almost as soon as they enter this world. So take the time to connect with the newest addition to your family, and take pleasure in learning every detail about the little personality that is your newborn.

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