Must-Have Skin and Hair Care Products for Mothers Post-Birth

Once you have given birth, your body will need a bit of time to get back to “normal.” While taking care of your skin and hair is likely not on the top of your new to-do list, taking a little bit of time to pamper yourself is just the kind of break that all new mommies need.

When taking care of your skin and hair, using natural products is most important. Introducing synthetic chemicals to your body can have detrimental effects on your breast milk and increases the potential for the chemicals to rub off or be passed on to your new baby. Keeping all this information in mind, here is a list of the absolute best ways to care for your skin and hair once you come home from the hospital.

Caring for Stretch Marks or C-Section Scars

Despite your best efforts to moisturize, chances are you are like most new moms and have a few stretch marks that linger after the baby has arrived. This condition is common, due to the fact that during pregnancy your estrogen levels are significantly increased. Your skin becomes more supple and elastic throughout this period. However, once you give birth your estrogen levels will suddenly plummet, leaving you with tougher skin that will not retain as much moisture. Many blemishes will heal over a period of several months, but keeping your skin properly moisturized and full of nutritious vitamins aids the process.

Companies like Aleva and Aden+Anais use all-natural ingredients like shea butter, olive oil and avocado oil to help the skin repair itself naturally. As an added bonus, these products will also help clear up localized irritation, such as eczema.

Hair Care for New Mothers

Your body retains extra hair during pregnancy. When your baby is finally delivered, you will likely begin to release all of the excess hair. This process may seem scary, but it is simply your body returning to normal. There is no need to panic over your postpartum shedding!

To help ease the transition, take a gentler approach to hair care. Organic conditioners and dry shampoos can drastically improve your hair's appearance without adding too many harsh chemicals. Many companies make shampoo in bar soap form that can be lathered in delicately.

Other similar products include multi-purpose body/hair shampoo such as Aden+Anais' Hair + Body Wash which intensely moistures and doesn't dry out skin like most comparable products. This type of product can even be shared by mom and the baby together while you bathe.

Another alternative is to simply apply natural oils to your hair, such as rosemary or lavender mixed in with a heavier substance such as coconut oil or olive oil.

Nursing Challenges

Despite your best efforts, nursing isn’t something that comes natural to all babies, and an improper latch can leave you with cracked and chapped nipples.

Keeping your skin moisturized and full of vitamins during this process is extremely important. All-natural nursing balms containing substances such as aloe, shae butter, tamanu oil, and calendula help regenerate the skin while also soothing any irritation.

The best news is that since products like Aleva offer nursing balm that absorbs quickly so there is no need to worry about wiping off every bit of leftover residue to protect your baby.

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