Do you love the feeling of receiving a friendly, firm hug from another person? Maybe it’s from your partner, a close friend, or from your own child. Well, some people love giving and receiving hugs, whilst others feel awkward and don’t enjoy such close contact with others.

Hugging is also attributed to a cultural trait, as some cultures enjoy hugging more than others. The French, for example, prefer a kiss on the cheek, and don’t tend to hug anyone except their immediate family and loved ones.

For all the non-huggers out there, here’s some benefits that you could well be missing out on (!):

  1. Hugs Protect Against Stress
  2. Hugs Lower Cortisol Output
  3. Hugs Release Positive Feelings
  4. Hugs Help Blood Pressure
  5. Hugs Give a Sense of Security

As well as benefiting adults, hugs also have the same benefits, for babies and children. So we thought we’d share these with you, so you can see the benefits yourself. Your little one will feel safer and more secure when showered with regular hugs. Hugging helps to alleviate stress, and so also in your baby, holding them tight will help to protect them from increased susceptibility to infection as a result of stress.

Hugs are known to reduce cortisol output; one of the hormones that causes us to feel stress. By reducing cortisol, it therefore increases the feel good hormones of serotonin and dopamine that we all need to feel happy.

As well as reconfirming to our little one that they’re most definitely loved and treasured, they’ll giggle and smile when being hugged by mommy or daddy, because it makes them feel good. And, after all, what better gift can we give to our children than the gift of positive feeling?!