August 11, 2015


Go natural when protecting your baby’s skin

baby’s dry skin

Its summer and its hot! That means lots of sun and crank up the air conditioning but not too much. Mothers know that the too much sun can dry out the child’s skin but do you know that the air conditioning does as well. If this is the case for your kids this summer, how about trying some home remedies like an uptan or organic lotions like the kind sold at smile2baby.

Our products are organic and all natural and won't break your bank either! The Babo Calming Baby Lotion is like magic with chamomile, watercress, kudzu and calendula. This product is great for mothers as well so go ahead and lotion up too! The baby isn’t the only one that deserves to be pampered! So lotion up and relax and because it’s time for baby to take a nap! For more info contact us at (855) 797-baby (2229)

June 30, 2015


Eco-Baby: Benefits of All Natural Products for Your Baby

Natural Baby

It is well-known that babies are sensitive with everything from food to shampoos needs to be as gentle as possible on their being. Which is why using all natural products should be used when caring for your child.
Even the “gentlest” of soaps on the market can contain harsh ingredients that can irritate your baby’s skin. By using organic products from their birth is a great way to introduce a green lifestyle to your child. Which is a great way to instill an eco-friendly attitude in your child.

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June 22, 2015


Naming Your Baby

If selecting the perfect name for a child is difficult enough for one parent, finding something you both like can prove even trickier as a couple!

Sometimes one of the parents may have had their heart set on a name for years, and are now desperately keen to call their baby by this name. What then, if the other parent just isn’t keen on the name? Choosing a name for your child is a very personal decision. When two parents have very different names in mind, it can cause hurt feelings or even disagreements, and this can certainly dampen the mood. How then, can you both come to agree on one name?


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Tips for Bathing Your Baby Safely

When you first enjoy the wonderful opportunity to bathe your newborn, you may get quite a surprise at how slippery your little one is! But, with some practice early on, you’ll quickly become an expert. Bathing will soon become a beautiful time to share with your newborn, a time to nurture and care for her in a most intimate way, and most likely, she’ll be kicking and splashing about before you know it! Here are some tips on how best to safely get your baby squeaky clean:

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May 06, 2015

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A Few Words of Encouragement for New Mums

Becoming a new mum is no easy job! Those of us with little ones already earth-side can empathize with the challenges that present themselves in these early days. Sleepless nights and the job of being on-call 24/7 is likely to take its toll at some point, particularly for mums who may not have a close support network of friends and family. Surprisingly, it’s absolutely common for new moms to feel overwhelmed by the demanding nature of the work at times in their new-mommy career.

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New Dads: Bonding with Your Baby

There’s plenty of information and articles that talk about the bond between a mommy and her newborn, but there’s often no mention of dad! So what if you’re a dad, or an expecting father, how will you learn to bond with your baby?

As you may’ve already experienced, as a daddy it can be hard to feel any attachment to the yet unknown ‘bump’ when the baby’s still inside your partner’s tummy. The feeling of meeting your newborn baby for the first time however, is one that can’t be described! It’s usually a mix of excitement, elation and relief all mixed in with a bit of a fear of wanting to support the little one as best you can. So, where to start?


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Baby’s First Words

If your baby’s up and about, crawling on all fours and sitting upright, then no doubt you’ve also been patiently waiting to hear some first words! It’s at about ten months of age that babies tend to say their first word, or words - as the case may be. Now just in case you haven’t heard mommy’s be warned (!), a baby’s first word is almost always ‘dad-a’! This is due to the way a baby learns how to have control of their lips, lungs and vocal chords, and how to work them simultaneously to produce distinctive sounds at will. The word ‘mom-a’ won’t be too far away, and from here the words tend to roll, slowly but surely!

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Setting up a Nursery for your Baby

Setting up the nursery is one of the many super exciting things to look forward to during pregnancy, as you turn your mind to ‘nesting’ for your little one! If you’re lucky enough that your budget extends to being able to afford a dedicated bedroom for your baby, during your pregnancy is the best time to paint, primp and prepare for your newborn. Once your beautiful little one arrives you’ll likely find yourself too busy to have much brainpower for interior decorating, in the early months at least!

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April 03, 2015


Child’s Play…What Is It, And How Can It Improve Development?

If you’ve spent even just a small amount of time around children, whether you’re an expecting parent, or an established parent, you’ll have noticed that play takes on a variety of forms. It’s an excellent outlet for encouraging creative expression as well as offering children valuable opportunities that contribute to their learning. Play supports learning across physical, social, emotional and intellectual areas of development and through play, children build the foundation for later learning as they solve problems and increase their understanding of themselves, other people, and the world around them.

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March 23, 2015


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