Safe Baby Shampoo Essentials

Moms and dads have become more savvy than ever about what companies are putting into children's products. As the fight for clarity in food labels hits Washington, one must also consider the chemicals and toxins that are in the products we lather on our bodies. In the case of baby shampoos, there is much more transparency needed. Baby's skin is delicate, their immune systems new and kids aren’t always following the explicit instruction on the labels as they gargle and blow bubbles in the bath water. As a parent, the goal is always to find products that boast a natural and organic ingredient list. Now there are companies even going one further to produce sustainable and eco-friendly products so as to model good stewardship to Mother Earth.

Avoiding Toxins
There are several toxins that should never be on a child's shampoo bottle. Formaldehyde and 4 – dioxane are known carcinogens that are still being used. By reading the label, you can assure if your product is indeed natural. Often fragrances are an unknown mixture of chemicals and sorely under regulated. Look for a fragrance-free product or one using essential oils to provide the scent. Burt's Bees offers a baby shampoo that is fragrance-free and very easy to locate on most store shelves.

Organic Ingredients
Scanning the ingredient list can be useful to understand the level of effort a company has gone to eliminate all potential chemicals and toxins. Belly Buttons baby shampoo offers a fully organic list of ingredients in its product. This will assure that baby is not swimming in genetically-modified ingredients or pesticides. This brand also offers essential oils, such as lavender, as its fragrance.

Gentle on Baby and Earth
Another point to consider is the impact these products have on the environment. Bottles that are made from recycled plastics or, better yet, are fully biodegradable themselves, are a wonderful choice. An eco-friendly option out there is the Pure Organics shampoo with its biodegradable bottle and, as a bonus for the kids, it smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Whatever brand turns out to be the right fit is a personal choice. However, new information on natural options for children's shampoos is worth the consideration. Not only are these products keeping children safe from dangerous toxins, but eco-friendly products also protect our planet for the generations to come.

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