Earth Smart Diapering Choices

Diapering options for baby are more plentiful and wonderful than ever before. Grandmas and great-grandmas out there may be mystified by modern moms' questioning of the marvelously convenient disposable diapers, but there are plenty of reasons to pause and reconsider all the options. Of course, the most eco-friendly, cost-conscious, and safest for baby is the fully washable cloth diapers . There are times when the cloth diaper simply is not an option, so choosing the right disposable is important. The green disposable diaper boxes now boast labels like “organic”, but what does that really mean?

Common Chemicals in Diapers
Most disposable diapers use super absorbent polymers, or SAP, to soak up all the wetness in the diaper. There is some concern about this chemical, being that SAP is a petroleum product, it could irritate baby's skin. Chlorine, another common chemical used in diapers, makes the fibers white, but can emit dioxins, which are considered likely carcinogens. Natural alternatives are to look for a wood pulp that acts as the absorbent material. Seventh Generation offers a disposable diaper that is free of chlorine, fragrance and latex, however it uses both a natural fiber and SAP for absorption.

Landfills of Diapers
News and pictures of the mountains of diapers that will never degrade hit a real soft-spot to the eco-friendly moms. All of the plastic used in conventional disposable diapers make them only 35% biodegradable. Brands now offer a more earth-friendly diaper by substituting a corn fiber that acts as the outer wetness barrier. These diapers can be 75% or even 100% biodegradable. Broody Chick makes a disposable diaper that is fully compostable.

Sly Advertisers
Trying hard to be a more concerned citizen may get even harder as advertisers dangle green packages and buzz words on their packaging, but read the label to know what is truly being used in the product itself. Parents must find the right diaper that fits their world view and also works well. Huggies Pure and Natural offers a diaper that is certainly fragrance-free and uses organic cotton, however these diapers are no more biodegradable than conventional disposables.

While considering all the multitudes of options that are filling the store shelves, know that your dollar spent is being heard by the product makers. If you want your concerns to be heard, and more healthy, eco-friendly options offered, buy from a company with whom your ideals jive.

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