New Dads: Bonding with Your Baby

There’s plenty of information and articles that talk about the bond between a mommy and her newborn, but there’s often no mention of dad! So what if you’re a dad, or an expecting father, how will you learn to bond with your baby?

As you may’ve already experienced, as a daddy it can be hard to feel any attachment to the yet unknown ‘bump’ when the baby’s still inside your partner’s tummy. The feeling of meeting your newborn baby for the first time however, is one that can’t be described! It’s usually a mix of excitement, elation and relief all mixed in with a bit of a fear of wanting to support the little one as best you can. So, where to start?

Well, being at the birth is highly recommended if it’s something that you’re able to do. The sooner you can hold your little one, the sooner you can start working on creating a beautiful bond and lifelong mutual love and respect. Studies have shown that intimacy helps the feeling of attachment to grow, both from the baby and also from the mom and dad. Soon you’ll be able to nurture and protect your little one whilst showering her (or him!) with all the cuddles in the world. Every nappy change, every cuddle shared and every game of ‘peek-a-boo’ played, all contribute to building a beautiful bond with your baby as well as helping to build a lasting relationship that’s based on love and trust. Enjoy this precious time with your beautiful snuggly newborn! 

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