A Few Words of Encouragement for New Mums

Becoming a new mum is no easy job! Those of us with little ones already earth-side can empathize with the challenges that present themselves in these early days. Sleepless nights and the job of being on-call 24/7 is likely to take its toll at some point, particularly for mums who may not have a close support network of friends and family. Surprisingly, it’s absolutely common for new moms to feel overwhelmed by the demanding nature of the work at times in their new-mommy career.


Post-natal depression is unfortunately not a rare occurrence in new mums, but is something that is more openly talked about than ever before. If you find yourself experiencing frequent episodes of panic, anxiety, mood-swings, or having feelings of hopelessness or despair, please make time to visit your health care professional to talk about how you’re feeling.


However, if you’re feeling fairly much like your usual self, but just a thousand times more exhausted (!), then perhaps you might like to try some of the following ways to help feel a little more rejuvenated:


Get plenty of rest (we know - easier said than done!)

Stay as connected as possible to your network of friends and family (near or far)

Get some fresh air (daily)

Shower or bathe (daily, please!)

Avoid smoking

Avoid caffeine (where possible! As this can contribute to anxiety)

Avoid physical exertion (looking after your baby is exertion enough in these early stages)

Avoid foods with high fat and sugar content (sugar is known to contribute to mood swings)

Take herbal supplements e.g. vitamins (to assist with balancing your mood)

Bathe in lavender oil (its known to have calming and relaxing properties)

Eat naturally oily fish such as tuna and salmon (in moderation they provide ample amounts of fatty acids)

Use only homeopathic and herbal supplements to calm and relax your baby wherever possible, but only under the guidance of an appropriate health practitioner.


Most importantly, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re absolutely doing a great job! Your baby is becoming more attached to you by the day, and we love that you’re looking to care for your little one in the most natural and organic way possible (hey – you wouldn’t be reading our blog if this wasn’t the case!). So we just know you’re going to make it - keep up the great work!

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May 09, 2015

Is this the giveaway blog?
I love your tips and reminders for how to thwart depression. ( I loved salmon during my pregnancy!)

I like the Charlie banana sets, but I’ve never tried Duo-brite so those look cool too.
Have a great day!

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