Naming Your Baby

If selecting the perfect name for a child is difficult enough for one parent, finding something you both like can prove even trickier as a couple!

Sometimes one of the parents may have had their heart set on a name for years, and are now desperately keen to call their baby by this name. What then, if the other parent just isn’t keen on the name? Choosing a name for your child is a very personal decision. When two parents have very different names in mind, it can cause hurt feelings or even disagreements, and this can certainly dampen the mood. How then, can you both come to agree on one name?

One method is to draw up a list whilst you’re still pregnant. Have a column for girls, and another for boys. If you already know the sex of your baby, then you can rule out worrying about the opposite gender at least! Place a tick next to the ones you like, and a cross next to those that you don’t. Have your partner do the same, and then swap to compare notes. You may surprisingly find you do agree on a name right away. If not, don’t despair, as there’s still plenty of time to come to a resolution.

You may find that you both have a couple of preferred names. You could use these one by one to refer to the baby during pregnancy, and you may find that one of the names feels more comfortable, and becomes a common point of reference for you both. Otherwise, if there’s a top few, you could use the second favorite as a middle name.

If you really can’t agree and are struggling to decide, you may just have to flip a coin in the end! Another method is to put your favorite names in a hat, and have someone else draw one out. If you already have another child, this is the perfect way to involve them in the decision making process!

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