Go natural when protecting your baby’s skin

baby’s dry skin

Its summer and its hot! That means lots of sun and crank up the air conditioning but not too much. Mothers know that the too much sun can dry out the child’s skin but do you know that the air conditioning does as well. If this is the case for your kids this summer, how about trying some home remedies like an uptan or organic lotions like the kind sold at smile2baby.

Our products are organic and all natural and won't break your bank either! The Babo Calming Baby Lotion is like magic with chamomile, watercress, kudzu and calendula. This product is great for mothers as well so go ahead and lotion up too! The baby isn’t the only one that deserves to be pampered! So lotion up and relax and because it’s time for baby to take a nap! For more info contact us at (855) 797-baby (2229)

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