Charlie Banana Disposable Diaper Inserts

32 Disposable Inserts

Keep your baby’s bottom soft and protected while at home or away with disposable inserts

Chlorine free, plastic free, dye free and perfume free

Product Description

When you visit family or friends, or even if you take your baby to daycare, others may not be quite as eco-friendly as you are. They may prefer to use a disposable diaper so they are not inconvenienced. If you have them Charlie Banana disposable diaper inserts everyone has the best of both worlds. You know that only the best all-natural product will be close to baby’s skin and others have the convenience of a disposable diaper. These are made from biodegradable wood pulp fibers and small amount of sap to absorb liquid. They are free of dyes, perfumes, plastic and chlorine.

MATERIALS : Bamboo pulp, wood pulp, low percentage of SAP

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