Charlie Banana Laundry Soap

Clean all your baby clothes in an all-natural soap that is irritant-free.

Product Description

Check your sink or machine when you wash your baby’s clothes and diapers in the Charlie Banana Laundry Soap. There is no residue! While other laundry detergents just coat the bacterial that remains in the clothing with a residue film, this soap cleans as many stains as possible without coating the bacteria with a film. It quickly dissolves in cold water so you save on hot water bills. And it rinses out completely and effortlessly. Because it is hypoallergenic it is superb to use for those with sensitive skin and allergies. It is also biodegradable. This soap contains no parabens and no perfumes.

Washing Instructions
Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent leaves zero residues. It works by removing waste material (as best as possible) while the majority of other detergents “work” by leaving behind a film of residues. These residues coat bacteria and human waste, and yes they keep them from the skin, but they don’t actually clean it away. Since Charlie Banana® laundry detergent leaves no residue, it cannot coat bacteria, so one must follow instructions on diaper laundering for maximum effectiveness.

The best way to use Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent for Diapers:

The machine should be cleaned of all residues of other detergents before washing diapers with Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent. Run a full cycle with a few old cloths and two scoops of Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent.
Always use at least 1 table spoon of Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent for a diaper load.
Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent will rinse completely so do not worry about residue. Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent needs that full amount to be effective. More may be required for excessive stains.

KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. Caution: Eye Irritant – Harmful if Swallowed.


Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent contains biodegradable coconut oil based surfactants developed by detergent specialists who have spent years researching the clean formula. The dry detergent also contains all natural washing soda and sodium silicate.

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