Charlie Banana Pack of 6 Unisex Pastel - One Size

You want the goodness of cloth diapers and the convenience of a disposable. You get everything you want and need in this Charlie Banana Pack of 6 diapers. In this set you get six individual Charlie Banana cloth diapers and twelve washable inserts that can be used day or night. With the ‘safe snap system’ you can use the same covers on infants and babies from 0 to 36 months. The washable inserts are highly absorbent and chemical free containing no chlorine, perfume or chemicals. This is a really budget-friendly system of diapering your baby.

Charlie Banana 2-in-1 Reusable Diapering System, 6 Diapers and 12 Inserts, Unisex Pastel:

Contains 6 Charlie Banana reusable diapers with 12 washable inserts
One size
Fits babies from 0 to 36 months
Adjusts to your baby's ever-changing features with a safe-snap system
Gender-appropriate prints and colors
Great for everyday and overnight use
Inserts are highly absorbent
Perfume free
Chlorine free
Chemical free

Sized versus One Size?

  • Some mothers prefer the Sized Diapers because no adjustments are needed and they always fit perfectly.
  • This is especially true for the size Small diapers. Many babies are very tiny at birth and it can be hard to fit a One Size diaper snugly.
  • To start, we recommend getting a couple of Sized and One Size diapers to see what you like best, and then add more of your favorite styles and colours as you wish.
  • Every baby is different and it is really a personal preference.
  • They are both great diapers. Really!!


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