Little Twig Baby Lotion Happy Tangerine

8.5 oz.

We’ve added Happy Tangerine Baby Lotion to our Little twig family! A blend of uplifting essential oils that naturally nourishes dry skin with gentle, milky moisture. It is a rich, long-lasting moisturizer in a non-greasy formula which absorbs quickly, leaving a subtle refreshing tangerine citrus scent.

Product Description

Tangerine is a happy scent and that is why Little Twig is offering this happy-scented all-natural baby lotion. Once you rub this lightly on baby’s skin it absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy, sticky residue. Baby’s delicate skin is soft, hydrated and free from any irritants. The pediatrician tested and approved formula also contains no phthalates or parabens. It is truly pH balanced and also contains no nuts or soy and it is wheat-free. Just a little bit goes a long way and its gentle moisturizing lasts for hours.


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