Rockin' Green Hard Rock Detergent

Product Description

The Rockin’ Green Hard Concentrate formula is specially formulated for people with hard water – you know the signs: spots on your glasses; stiff, scratchy clothes; you feel like there’s film on you when you get out of the shower… Our Hard Concentrate packs an extra punch to break through hard water to get your clothes clean without leaving any harmful chemicals on you or your clothes. This is our Lavender Mint Revival – like walking through a field of lavender but with a Mint Julep in your hand.

Free of:

  • Enzymes
  • Phosphates
  • Optical Brighteners
  • SLS
  • Parabens

All our ingredients are biodegradable – even the packaging is 100% recyclable! We are Vegan and Gluten friendly too! Are our scents gentle enough for sensitive skin? Of course, all our scents are made from distillations of natural essential oils – never artificial scents.

Rockin’ Green saves you money. Did you know that ONE BAG can do up to 90 loads? HE machine users need only 1 TBS of soap per load…that comes out to only about 19¢ per load!

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