Charlie Banana The Fashion Collection Handsome - One size cloth diaper

This is a great option for combining the comfort of cloth and convenience of a disposable diaper.

Product Description

There is no doubt that a cloth diaper feels great against the skin and many mothers are going back to an all-natural cloth diaper. Charlie Banana gives you two for the price of one! This 2-in-1 diaper is cloth but allows you to insert a disposable diaper for those times when you are traveling or just shopping. Featuring a leak-proof leg casing you can also insert a washable diaper. These have wide back elastic and the front flaps can be adjusted for size and fit. This also has a side snap that allows easy disposal of used inserted diapers.


Sized versus One Size?

Some mothers prefer the Sized Diapers because no adjustments are needed and they always fit perfectly.
This is especially true for the size Small diapers. Many babies are very tiny at birth and it can be hard to fit a One Size diaper snugly.
To start, we recommend getting a couple of Sized and One Size diapers to see what you like best, and then add more of your favorite styles and colours as you wish.
Every baby is different and it is really a personal preference.
They are both great diapers. Really!!

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